urinary tract infection treatments

When there is health, disease comes with it. Thousands of diseases have been discovered until now, from acute to chronic. Every disease has its consequences, but there are some of them are common than any

other disease. Urinary tract infection is one of the most common types of infection, which is commonly caused by bacteria. If you are a woman, there is a strong chance that you got or you will get urinary tract infection in your lifetime.

Many experts say that you have the risk of getting an infection at least once or twice in your life. Another fact about urinary tract infection is that it is not confined to bladder only. If the disease is left untreated, the infection can affect your kidneys, urethra, and ureter too, and if the condition gets worse the infection can be quite painful and a complete discomfort for the patient. The untreated condition can cause sepsis, people don’t die of infections, but sepsis can be fatal.


Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection

Before going for any treatment, you have to look for the symptoms first. Whenever you feel that there is something off going on with your body, you need to get it diagnosed. The weird things happening to you are the symptoms, you have to look for.

In Urinary tract infection, you have to observe whether you have to void often than usual or it gets sudden and extreme. And it burns when you urinate, another symptom you can look for is that the urine is cloudy or have some amount of blood in it.



Most doctors treat UTI with antibiotics if the infection is diagnosed in early stages it is easier to treat it but if the infection gets worse, the doctors usually, prescribe to some blood test or ultrasound to check your kidneys. But most of the antibiotics have some side effects, to avoid those there is another way to treat the infection, which is urinary tract infection treatment supplements.

These supplements are mostly herbs based and helps to treat the infection. The main compound in these supplements is D-mannose, which is extracted from plants.  As studies show that 90% of UTI happens because of a most commonly present bacteria in our intestinal system known as E.coli. other types of bacterias often gets removed by the flow of urine, but E.coli is protected by finger-like projections known as fimbria, which has complexes of amino acids and sugar complexed on the top, which helps them to stick to the walls of intestines.

But most of the products of this store contain D-Mannose, which is a simple sugar and stickier than any other way and make the bacteria to leave the intestine, which passes out with the urine.


To use the product, you need to know what you are going through and what type of supplement do you need at that time. So here are some best sellers from the website.

NOW Foods Cranberry mannose

This NOW cranberry mannose is a probiotic formula for women, it has 24 sachets and has a net weight of approximately 144gm and vegans can easily use it. It has two main ingredients, which are cranberry and mannose; these ingredients are best for urinary tract care, according to researches.

This supplement has ten types of probiotics which support the immune system and maintain the microbial balance of the gut. Cranberry is commonly known as a cure to UTI; it has flavonoids and components which helps in maintaining the urinary tract health. And D-Mannose, as we discussed earlier, is a simple sugar, which eliminates E.coli easily. As I told you that it is the type of sugar, but it does not affect diabetes, because a very small amount of sugar gets metabolized, most of the sugar quantity passed out with urine.


Progressive laboratories U-tract D-mannose supplement is another type of supplement available. It has 26 serving per container and 50 gm in weight. The amount of D-mannose is 1.9gm per serving. The main target of D-mannose is E.coli. E.coli is the part of our natural microflora and does not cause any harm until the level of E.coli gets high, and it ends up entering out urinary tract system.


UT-FEM UTI solution urinary tract infection is a formula designed especially for women and helps with the treatment of UTI. The container contains 42 capsules; this formula is famous for its fast acting & day’s

mechanism. The effect often comes in 2-3 days, but it is recommended to complete the 7-day course.

Biophix D-Mannose Plus Cranberry and Probiotics

It is a 1000mg net weight urinary tract infection supplement contains 120 capsules in one bottle. This supplement is completely vegan and can be consumed by vegetarian easily. It has triple action formula with 10 million CFU of probiotics. The recommended daily intake of this supplement is 1-2 a day.

The Herbalist Bladder Be Well Liquid Extract

The antibacterial and diuretic formula contains a blend of herbs like Uva, juniper berry, Buchu, Pipsissewa and Ursi, which are considered to be the best herbs in terms of curing kidney and urinary tract infections. It comes it a bottle which weighs approximately 4oz.


The recommendation of these formulas depends on the condition of UTI. Some of the formulas are different from others in terms of action, such as UT-FEM UTI solution, it is specifically for females because they are prone to these infections, and this supplement works within seven days.

Most of them contain D-mannose, a plant-based sugar, which helps in the removal of bacteria. Some of them are completely herbal like Bladder Be Well Liquid Extract, if someone wants to go for the herbal-based product, this is the best option they can get.


Infections happen and have so many factors which can make it happen, but the best way is to treat them on time. Women are always on the verge of getting an infection, so they have to be cautious more than men. Even if you feel a single symptom, it is better to get it checked.